Monday, May 08, 2006


What a long long weekend! But fun was included, and excellent friends, and good food, and good story material was created. Never apologize for good story material. You know. Cheese. Curds.

I tell you, the goddesses in the Friendship Spinners have saved my life more than once and I sincerely believe that they are the best people on earth. Betty Bob and Mark L. are so wonderful and I thank them for their hospitality. Theresa, the quiet one, the Republican, is so sweet and dear. Her fifth graders are some lucky kids. Nancy R., the Scheduler Supreme and Mini owner is the one person I would want to have around in any emergency and for any party. Thanks for the bourbon! (See "saved my life.") And Kathy. My goodness, you little pee rat, what are we going to do with you??? Because of her, we drove nine hours home from Maryland with not one, but TWO lambs on the floor of her Suburban. Nine. Hours. Two lambs in Pampers. Fun!

I didn't know what to expect at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. It was certainly large, with tons of vendors, lots of food, and a fiber art exhibit. I met the author and purchased the book HAND FELTED JEWELRY AND BEADS by Carol Huber Cypher available at Interweave Press. I had also wanted to get a support spindle and ended up with two - one is wooden and the other is ceramic. And I succumbed to the lure of self patterning sock yarn and bought a skein of Trekking from Germany.

As promised, here are the obligatory blog photos of socks in progress.

A visit to Frederick, Maryland would not be complete without a mess o' seafood from May's Restaurant.

I am exhausted. The Sweetie took excellent care of the bunnies, who are all still alive. More later once I can gather my wit.