Monday, July 27, 2015

Genuine Cast Iron

I don't feel well at all, but it's nothing serious. More annoying than anything. Sinus headaches, congestion, tinnitus, and achey feet from the heat, even though I stay inside. Tomorrow, it's supposed to reach 97, hotter than it's been in awhile, so I am sure I won't feel any better then.

Small felt pieces from scraps. Disappointing.
I have tried to be productive in spite of, because I am a mid-westerner of a certain age and I feel that I must do something constructive every day. I futzed around with felt scraps Saturday, and then last night, I wove some pre-felts strips and made coasters, I guess one could call them, and are about 5 inches square.

My question is, Is it okay to have un-healed cut edges on felt? I have left them on these four because I wanted to retain the integrity of the square and I was afraid that further felting could take them out of shape.  I am going to leave them as they are. I like the colors.

Tomorrow I will dye more roving; I want reds and oranges to work with.

One good thing - our new renters in Indiana have really done some nice work in the house, painting and sanding and re-flooring. This makes me happy - the house needed a young couple full of energy and optimism.