Monday, January 12, 2009

Place stamp here.

Oh my darling Sweetie.

He went to a mall yesterday in search of a new mouse, and he came home with this.

Body and nail care products for me! Two bags of gold worth of silly, feminine things. For me?? Cuticle cream, body scrub salt from the Dead Sea, lotions and creams. Bless his heart.

I am not a girly girl. That's what he told the sales person. I raise rabbits and live in the country. His demurring only met with more products that would surely be just the thing I needed.

After being totally appalled at the amount of money spent, I just went with it and did my nails. They look better than they have since summer.

Maybe I do need to pamper myself a little bit. Or at least take care of myself just a wee bit more.

And I have been knitting! This is a little scarf out of my handspun Fuzzarelly Fibers. I wrote out the pattern to offer as a freebie with purchase.

Here is an odd little neck piece, again out of handspun. I enjoyed making this, no pattern needed. I-cord is the perfect salve to a restless soul sometimes.

Claudia's icky headscab healed up well enough that she returned to the barn last week. (It is amazing how fast a living creature can heal!) But I had to bring in another girl who had horrible urine scald. I'll just let your imagination conjure up the images of swollen tissue and infection. Again, she is healing quite fast thanks to vast amounts of anti-robotic gel.

The other indoor bunnies are all fine! There are four bunnies in this picture, all huggled up into a pile.

Lastly, I finished with Emma and am now in the thick of Jane Eyre on audio books at the Gutenburg Project. I have read that novel eight times, which makes me an octo-Jane-Eyre-ian!! Ha Ha.