Monday, July 06, 2009

No Rain in the Forecast


We have no water. This is not a fun thing, especially if one likes to wash ones hands. And clothes. And dishes.

We are in the midst of replacing out water line from the meter to our house. Also, we want to extend the line to a faucet out to the barn, so I can tend the bunnies more easily.

The initial excavation went well until the rain came, all 2 inches of it. Sigh. Clear skies are forecast through most of the week, so maybe by Wednesday we will have running water again in the house.

Thank goodness the 2" of rain allowed us to collect enough water to flush the toilets and care for the critters. We humans can cope. Sweetie can wee wee by the barn doors. (Keeps out the coyotes and opossums.)

In the meantime, I am knitting a hat of sorts out of Fuzzarelly Fiber and am carding batts of angora. I have so many bags o' angora that is not funny. Several years worth. Enough to keep me out of trouble for awhile. Until the water is running again, however, I cannot dye anything.

It makes me appreciate how precious water is, all over again. You see, I grew up with well water. I took baths of three inches in the tub and shared that water with my two older brothers. Water was precious. I knew children that bathed once a week, on Saturday night, and used a wash cloth to clean themselves the other days.

I knew people that used outhouses.

So, I am not icked out by not having water, even though it is inconvenient.

Clean water is a precious thing.

And now, video.