Thursday, July 02, 2009

Post in a Public Place

I delivered my order to The Woolery yesterday. Glad to have that order scratched off of my Must-Do list.

Today has been spent cleaning the studio. I found a box, unopened, that was brought home from my bricks-and-mortar store. Four years ago. It was full of patterns and little sewing goodies. It made me want to do a little sewing, at least a pair or two of shorts for the girls next door.

I also ventured Into The Upstairs, which has become the catch all. A fire hazard is what it is. When I was weaving rugs, I acquired five boxes of blue jeans for denim rugs. Hello, Goodwill! There are also boxes of books and curtains and bags of clothes. Oh my. But I am done for the day and so I offer you......

A little something to keep you all amused for a few moments.

Web Site Story. Very nicely done, actually, and entertaining to boot.

Puzzles and stuff.

A thing called Rubikcubism. Several boxes of rubik cubes transformed.

Ironic ads from yesteryear. Asbestos, anyone?