Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Split Beaver Edition

Bought this loaf of bread today. Is it just me, or would Judy Chicago buy this on eBay?

It has rained a lot lately, and the temperature is more Atlanta-like than here-like.

The english muffins are finally showing some mold and a bit of disintegration. One was stepped on and it turned to sawdust. Or something like sawdust, but not as pure. Yes, I should bake my own. Valerie says it's easy. Yeah, sure, have you seen my kitchen?

Happy news is that I have spotted two youngster-bunnies today. One looks like he belongs to Black Bart and Barbara Bobo - who both live in the back part of the property. He is living in the shed, I think. I saw him nibbling grass under my car this morning. I put out bowls of pellets and water.

This one belongs to Jackie Brown and most likely, Dickie! Circle of life and all that. Dickie was and Jackie Brown is one of the front yard bunnies. They live under the front porch, okay, the entire house, probably. I'm all atwitter with delight. Babies! Here is Buster and Jackie Brown. Jackie won't let me get anywhere this near to her. Shows you how vicious and intimidating Buster is. Must be the Rottweiler in him.