Tuesday, April 10, 2007



Please Google Rabbitch. Her Blog is more interesting than mine.

You give me fever...

I have been remarkably free of rhino-viral disease for a long while, and so I was distressed to wake to the stuffed up nose and fever Saturday. I tried the guy remedy which is "ignore it and it does not exist" but that failed - as it always does.

So, I have this cold and a big honking fever blister on my lip and it'll be hard to be the talkative and vivacious me (don't laugh, that is the me at public events) this weekend is I don't shake this bug. Actually, I should be fine except I will still have a nice and crusty thing on my upper lip. Ewww.

Today, I go into town for provisions. The buns are totally out of pellets and there are last minute festival items to collect. And we humans need food, too.

I'm trying not to push myself and I am so frabjously glad that H. Handbasket said she'd lift and tote for me on Friday.

We're losing another tree. This one is the last of several big bass woods (lindens) that once lined the drive. The only thing holding it together is the ivy. The tree cutters we've spoken to won't have a thing to do with it as the power line to our house runs through the middle of it, so our electric cooperative is having it taken down.

This is Stubby, the little Lionhead. He doesn't get his picture online much.