Thursday, June 22, 2006

Watermelon Grass

In spite of the 9000 degree heat, I mowed the lawn today. In spite of my allergies, I love the smell of cut grass (and in our case, also cut weeds.) It reminds me of the taste of watermelon rind. You know, when you are so intent on getting every last bit of red juicy and you get a bit of green juicy, too.

Made progress on the Studio of Shame and found the sewing machine! Hosannah! On which I hemmed a polar fleece blankie the Sweetie picked up over the winter. Sure, honey, I'll get that hemmed right away. I wonder if he's forgotten about it? I removed two bags of garbage and have several bags for Goodwill and vacuumed a year's worth of dog hair and dust. Still quite the mess, though.

AND I spun a Louet bobbin's worth of yarn. When I was selling my angora blends on eBay, I saved the leavings from the drumcarder. I found lots of little bags of dyed angora in a dozen or more colors and spun them in random order. I plan to ply it with black, maybe light blue sewing thread. Or yellow/gold. Festive!

Bunnies are all holding up in the heat so far. The babies are weaned and in their own cage now - I think Kelly Bob is glad to be shed of them.