Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Why wait?

Nancy NeverSwept suggested blanket stitch to edge the coasters. It looks okay, but as I am as slow as Christmas at needlework, this technique will never work if I want to sell them. Not that these are retail-worthy.

I made two this morning and felted the raw edges and blocked them. They look fine. This woven pre-felt business is something I will have to explore further. These are actually purple and green, but the purple goes grey against the green.

I am going to attempt to create a larger handbag this afternoon, and I will flatten the bottom some so that it will sit upright. That's the plan, anyway. I have some jade green merino to use. I have an idea to use a separately nuno felted flap for it, that can be attached by felting once the purse has been cut open. I have been slowly accumulating silk fabrics for just such a thing. Should I sample first? I might.

So. I have a few flowers that I grew from seed - cleome and coreopsis. And the Naked Ladies are early this year; they usually come up in August. 
Also! I heard from the Ozark Fiber Fling today, and I will be teaching my purse there this November. It's only just over an hour to get there from here, for which I am very happy. I sent off my workshop proposals to the Fiber Retreat in Jefferson City, MO  which is in March.

Example of an indoor plant that I haven't killed. So far.