Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Late fee is waived.

Oh, lord, I do get weary. Lots of small things are worrying me, and I cannot disengage and hide. I mean, I have already had to speak to a policeman in Indiana this morning regarding a crazy person there who won't stay off our property. My amorphous anxiety floats thickly around me. I wish I wouldn't let people and events bother me so much. But if I were more thick skinned, I reckon I wouldn't be me.

I made another little purse. These bags are cute as can be, and of course, I am not satisfied completely with any of them.

So. I decided to do a different kind of purse with a larger format to allow some creativity in decoration. I have used this template before, but the embellishment is inspired by Klimt and Andrea Graham. I worked on this last night, to the point of removing the resist, and so will full and finish today. Felting is good exercise - my shoulders and upper back ache slightly. (As an aside, I have lost 10 pounds since the first of the year without doing anything differently save for felting. And going off my happy-pills.)

I think I will do a similar bag, but use pre-felt for the lines and circles. I want that part of the design to be more defined against the loosely-laid green. In the meantime, I have been dyeing merino then drum carding it.

Our neighbors here accidentally ran over and killed Bunny BooBoo, which is another cause for my mental distress. But her progeny are all over the neighborhood and I've not heard one person say anything against them. These two, (I think they are sisters,) spend a lot of time in our front yard. I call them Blondie and Not Booboo. Booboo herself lived a good life; she hated hated hated being caged and I was glad she got to live in the great outdoors for three years. I am able to feed Blondie and Not Boo bananas by hand, just like I did their mother, but they are by no means tame.