Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Great Taste Since 1905


I have been busy, you all. Yesterday was and today is dye day. Witness this fiber drying. (Note to self: Clean outside of window.)

And witness this fiber cooking. Kind of gross looking, isn't it? A witch's brew of lizard innards.

I'm not going to say too much about what I'm doing, except that I am creating three color ways in two fiber blends, which would be exclusive to the Web Presence. So, I have decided on the color ways I wanted, the fibers required and in what amount, and the number of dye pots needed. I have weighed fiber and dye, made solutions of dye, and dyed fiber. (Made notes, even! I know!) By tomorrow, I will be able to begin drumcarding the samples and the goal is to ship them off on Friday. Very workman-like, I am.

Otherwise, it suddenly became Spring. The hummingbirds have been back for over a week but just now got the feeder up.

I was a little late corralling the banties last night, in fact, it was after dark, and so found all five of the little buggers roosting in a tree. Three were scooped up and placed in the coop, but the other two were almost on the top branches. They did fine, as I found them on the ground and inside the fence this morning.

Also, they are almost crowing. At least, trying to.

The little chicks are doing fine, too.