Thursday, June 15, 2006

Fuzzarelly's Amazing World of Non-Drinkyness

It IS amazing how much a person (me) can get done when one is not knocking back 8 or 12 Coors Light every day. Also, when one isn't constantly pouring depressives into the bloodstream, one's depression gets better. Hello. I am Einstein. When I started drinking again it was like the times I started smoking again - I knew that I was going to quit with the only question being when. I quit smoking for the last time in 1996 and maybe now I have quit drinking for the final time. I satisfied my curiosity and also got to enjoy ice cold beer on a hot, sweaty summer day once more.

Yesterday, I drumcarded several batts of lovely brown alpaca. I knit on the pink mohair shawl and it now measures 33" square. I also got out the pot and dyed 4 ounces of white angora, 4 ounces of white alpaca and an ounce of tussah silk. Used burgundy and navy blue to get a yummy berry color. It's almost dry this morning and I hope to get it blended later today.

Spun a sample of the brown angora and achieved a single that measures about 2400 yards per pound. The alpaca is really easy to spin. I can barely wait to spin the silky Al Gora (har har) blend.

Kelly Bob and babies are thriving - touch wood. They grow so fast! At three weeks, they are eating solid food and drinking from the water bottle. Here's a shot of little Hopalong. If you look closely, you can see fur growing on his slightly deformed right front leg. He keeps up with his siblings, running around and playing.

Murgatroyd had a play day in the front yard yesterday. With a girl around, Percival stays close. Sometimes he will run back to the barn to hang out and mark his territory. (As far as he is concerned, everything is his territory.) He let's me pick him up and take him back to his cage - no problem.

Heizen, on the other hand, has had a taste of freedom and he loves it! Screw that cage, he says. He stays in the yard but he runs away when I try to gather him up, the little shit. I'm going to have to get a dip net to capture him. Here he is relaxing around 9 o'clock last night.