Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Everybody's Talking at Me

So, in spite of Netflix abruptly doubling their price for the streaming/one-dvd-at-a-time package, I did not cancel my subscription. The increase was done poorly and with little notice, but it is still cheaper than cable or satellite.

I watched The Conversation, with Gene Hackman, last month. Twice, actually. Tonight was Midnight Cowboy with Jon Voigt and Dustin Hoffman. With a small part by Susan Vacarro. Both movies are almost like documentaries, one of San Francisco in the mid-70s, and the other of New York City in the late 1960s. Both movies are great on their own merits, as well. Joh Voigt was also great in The Odessa File. Where is he today, I wonder? Did you know that he is Angelina Jolie's father???

I had read Midnight Cowboy back in about 1971, as a 14 year old. I was reading anything and everything I could lay my little paws on back then. This was my first viewing of the film. 

Watched Trainspotting last week, and enjoyed that one immensely. I don't understand certain reviews saying it was promoting the joys of heroin addiction. In my eyes, it was a damnation of the vice. Oh sure, the high is unbeatable, but the price paid is always too dear.

And now, after all the previous episodes of 30 Rock and Scrubs, Sweetie and I are watching the X files in order. Way too much fun. 

Knitting continues, slowly; on the last ten rounds. Temperatures today were 104º, before the heat index. I have a feeling that once it hits the low 50s, either day or night, I will finish the shawl tout de suite. 

Monday, August 29, 2011

Salt over the Left Shoulder

We haven't had any more problems with the little gremlins here in Montgomery City, after my shout of "Get the fuck out of here! This is our home now." Except for the one time that I heard what sounded like a refrigerator falling over upstairs. It could have been a sonic boom, as there is an AF base not too distant from here. 

The Indiana domicile is another matter altogether. I spent almost 17 years there, if my math is correct, with many days and evenings alone. No funny stuff, not ever.

Not once. Nothing. Nada.

But now that we have left the place empty for several months, well…

Week before last, when I was there, I heard bumps and things tipping over in the night, as if a herd of squirrels or rats were exploring, but there was no spoor evidence to confirm this. Princess and Trixie were with us, too, and so could have caused some disturbance. 

Then Sweetie went there alone this past weekend, no dog and no rabbit, and the poultrygeists were even more noisy. Wtf? Am I gonna have to burn white sage and cast out these "spirits"? It's very weird for me to have this happen. What is the logical, Spock-like answer? 

Or should I use this as a selling point? Haunted House for Sale!

The more interesting thing is this: The apartments next door, which were at one time a general store and later, a christian school, are also plagued by noises, bumps in the night, bumps in the daytime, and so on. The last renters fled after two months, saying they were tired of living in a haunted house. 

Have these unhappy spirits filtered down the hill to our house? Do I even believe any of this? 

I am still of a mind that there are quantum mechanics at the root of this all. 

But I also wonder if it wasn't me keeping the house "clear" all those years?

Please tell me if any of you all have ever had unwanted visitors, so to speak.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

White Elephant Sale

Finally, a shot of one wall of my booth at Gypsy Gatherings. The little white elephant planter on the top shelf sold the day after I placed it. The pickings are rather sparse, but I like the white walls and uncluttered look.

I have excavated my Animaniac toys from the Happy Meals back in 1994, along with a Slappy Squirrel and Dot toothbrushes and a little Marvin the Martian. They are slowly being added to the room, even though collectibles are not so much in the sellers' favor anymore as more folks are selling than buying. But still, aprons and animal feed shopping bags are being snatched up almost as fast as I make them.

Knitting classes are being demanded, too, once the weather cools. It has been in the 90º all week despite the forecasts for more pleasant weather.

This is the view from the front door of Gypsy Gatherings. Joyful clutter!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Get a Haircut, ya Damn Hippy!

My friend, Zippiknits, chastised me in the most gentle of ways regarding my post of yesterday. Thank you. 

The anger was real, yet beneath me. 

The house in Laconia needs to be lived in. There was mold here and there from the place being shuttered for several weeks. Someone needs to be there to open the windows and see to the yard. 

Wouldn't it be a grand place for an entrepreneur or two, someone with an at-home business? The post office is just across the street, and FedEx and UPS visit Monday through Friday. There is high-speed internet available.

I would consider renting the house at a rock bottom price to a person in need, a person I could trust. 

Do any of you know about a forum or website that I might join; starving artists or starving self-employed people? It seems a shame for that big old house to be empty, when so many are underwater with their mortgages. 

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Cherry Flavored!

Drove back to Indiana this past Wednesday. It had been several weeks since the last visit, and the grass was more than ankle deep. Good Neighbor Nancy has not been well, and unable to keep up with the mowing. Sweetie spent several hours whipping it into some sort of shape, while I huddled indoors with the air conditioning. Lots and lots of pollen in the air, along with the usual Ohio River humidity. 

A couple of people took the opportunity to complain about the grass and weeds behind and beside our barn, saying it was a visibility hazard. I wanted to thank them for helping us out with our yard, since we have mowed many parts of the town for many years that wouldn't have been mown save for us, and that we didn't do it for money or glory, only to make the town look better. So, fuck you, Laconia. Not to even mention the flower planters at the 4-way that I maintained for several years, and the festival that I started and ran, pro bono, for about 7 years. Fuck you and fuck you.

I did take the opportunity to visit both the Salvation Army Thrift Store and the Goodwill in Corydon, with an aim to find something different for my booth at Gypsy Gathering. And I did. My glorious finds are still in the van, but when I bring them in, I will take photos of some of the treasure.

This next weekend will be Sweetie's last long weekend before he starts the 5 day workweek at the new job, and he wants to go back to Indiana and do what he can, this one last time. It costs $200 to drive there and back in the van, and so I would just as soon not. We'll see.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Light, Clean Feel!

Have any of you all noticed my general lack of whine and confessions of depression lately? I think the gypsies are being very good for me. 

No news to speak of, really, although I will try to muster another paragraph or two. Actually going to Indiana this Wednesday for the first time in six or seven weeks. Sweetie needs to collect his tools and tool box for the new job, and I need to gather all of my sewing and craft supplies, along with all of that odd crap I have laying about that I can sell here. The grass probably needs tidying, and the renters need looking in on. Maybe even find someone to paint the exterior. The housing market is still so horrendous, and we are able to wait for a few years if need be, but I wouldn't mind making a huge price cut if anyone was interested. 

We are lucky to be in the position we are in, compared to so many other people. 

I have found a few fleas here at Chez Montgomery, and have begun my battle plan. It took a long time for any of the little buggers to appear, and I was beginning to hope for a passover this year. 

To my friends that I have not responded to - mea culpa. I read you and I worry with and about you, and I love you. I just don't always write.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Serve Fresh

It rained a bit today. Not nearly enough, but still. And it was cooler. Cool enough to turn off the AC and open doors and windows. What a delight! I even wore long pants. Lows may be in the upper 50s tonight. I am loving it. Sweetie is, of course, digging out his sweat pants and shirts and heavy blankets.

Gypsy Gatherings is going great guns. Received my first check and am happy. I love my space, which is small, but painted white and with white curtains - it looks rather like an art gallery. I have sold the damnedest things there! I am spending time in my studio here at home, and am feeling great about my future there. 

We had hoped to drive to Indiana today, but Sweetie's new job intervened with requests for physicals and the ol' "pee in a cup." I am struggling not to stress about this whole process, and leave things up to him. I am here to help with emailing, forms to be filled out, and such like, but otherwise, I am letting him deal. 

Sad news. LaVerne the bunny, aka Gertrude, died yesterday. She was listless maybe a week ago, although still eating and drinking, and then suddenly nose dived. I have no idea what ailed her. As we know, though, sometimes bunnies. just. die. Trixie, on the other hand, is well and thriving and mischievous as ever. The little shit. (And I love her so much!)

Oh, and the knitting. I am on the last 20 rows on the hand-spun mohair shawl. It has been hard to knit in this horribly hot weather, even with the ac and a fan blowing on me, but I have been managing a row or two every week. And? I have taught the Head Gypsy's 10-year-old daughter how to crochet - to make a chain stitch - and she is frothing at the bit to learn more. Heh heh! Another one brought to the Fiber Side!

Thursday, August 04, 2011



I made a profit from my booth at Gypsy Gatherings for the month of July. Yay me! I have begun working there every Monday in exchange for half-off the rent from now on. (Like the work is onerous. Ha. More like hanging out for six hours and greeting people as they come in.)

I am totally loving everyone there! Plus, I am in my studio almost every day making one thing after another. The new thing has been the continuation of my Sock Monster series, which began when I had my bricks and mortar store in Corydon, IN. The first was Abner, and then Brenda came along. I sold them both. Thanks, Judy! Then the store closed, yadda yadda. The latest are Charlene, a green hemp sock, and Doug (Beware of Doug!) who was one of my hand knit socks with holes. 
I am Charlene, and I am shy.
These babies give me an inordinate amount of joy in the making, and then there's the  fondling. 

Sweetie's job, which he was told would last through December, suddenly became precarious once "Corporate" saw the labor costs of keeping the plant running. Today, he took a job at Metso, some concrete type of place, about 25 miles from here. The pay is $1 more and hour, but that will be eaten up in gas. Even his current supervisor advised him to take the position. (Sweetie had earlier interviewed with them, then declined to take the job. They called him back two months later and here we are.)

Hope springs eternal that some company will buy the Tyson's facility. If so, Sweetie has been told he will be rehired. But that is just too uncertain for us. For anyone. Sigh.

And the heat. Awful. Yesterday was the worst, being 104º with a heat index of 120º. I felt ill Monday, and actually had a fever of 2 degrees above my normal. Seems like several people were also having flu-like symptoms that day. I am grateful to not have the summer flu, as I felt better the next day. We have forecast lows in the 60s in a few days, and I even opened a window tonight in the computer room. 

I'm really worried about the economy, and the house and senate are not playing nice or rational. No rant, or soapbox. But I am worried.