Sunday, November 05, 2006


So, anyway. Let's start with a Murgie picture, to set a happy mood.

But here's the news. I have started additional medz this past week.

(backstory)I never had kids, but if I had, I would have tried for natural childbirth. There I was, suffering through hot flashes From Hell for two years. But I give up. The doc prescribed Preventafit. Also am taking an additional happy-type pill, Enthusiastimene.

Physically, I am feeling much better, thank you. That shellfish reaction was so unexpected - it whopped me up side the head when I wasn't looking! Whop! The medz were severe, too. It has taken the last month to get all the toxins out of my system.

Remember my latest shawl that I was so proud of, made from handspun angora blends in a variety of colors? When I had it off the needles and I could see it laid out flat, I decided that it was much too dense. Also, the colors and the pattern were at odds - it was too much. I chose to rip. It didn't take very long. Here is the ball of yarn. I am past the lime green yarn in my new shawl. It is Elizabeth Zimmerman's Pi shawl, mostly. I'll have a picture of it later because right now, it is a mere sack on 24" circulars. I am using size 8s this time; I used 6s on the first one. I am very happy with drape and hand of this one.

Let's end, shall we, with another Murgie picture. Here he is, lounging in Helena Handbasket's arms. Helena paid an all-too brief visit to lovely Laconia the other day. (Hi!) (See, you guys, I DO too have friends!)

All the buns are just fine. I like being close, real close, to each of them. I like getting to know each one. Today, I clipt Percival and Stewart (aka Stew Pot.) Both of them started off okay, sitting still and being quiet - but then they'd get feisty and they were both big ass pains.