Sunday, January 16, 2011


My life so far.

I have an idea what may be wrong with Howard. Pasturella. I googled duck health, and found a site with loads of info. Who knew there was a duck health web site? 

Some people that lived here before us raised rabbits. In the upstairs loft where I kept my rabbits. And some of them acquired snuffles, aka pasturella. Apparently, it is a difficult germ to eradicate, once it is ensconced. Ducks and poultry are also susceptible, and I believe that is what Howard has gotten. All the symptoms are there. I am medicating him and keeping his quarters sanitized and trying to make him eat. At least I now have a plan of action.

In house news, the VA loan has been approved, and closing looks to be on Feb. 18. Sweetie was here and is now back to work. It is tiresome, he says, to come home, but then he loves to be home once he is here. I seriously need a timetable, as otherwise, I am a dithering fool. Boxes are being acquired.

Still sporadically knitting on the Storm socks.