Thursday, March 12, 2009

Follow the bouncing ball.

Oh, hi! Glad that you stopped in.

Last night, I did barn chores early. No particular reason, but the weather was nice and at 7:30, it was still light enough. Gotta get used to EDT at some point.

So. I have this rabbit named Annabelle, who was born from the union of Crazy Mama and Grumpy Daddy last June. She is a beauty, but not near as sweet tempered as her two brothers, Tutu and Zero. She must be one of the least friendly bunnies I have. I did want to breed her, however, because of her bloodline and so put her with Ginger four or five times over the last few months, much to her indignation. (Do you see where this is going already? Because I have written that Ginger is recently among the deceased.?) I thought that the act had never culminated in a happy end, because I watched, but even so, Ginger tried very hard. Humpity humpity humpity and hump.

Apparently Annabelle had received her gentleman caller after all, because last night I found her in the midst of delivering babies. Since I didn't realize she was bred, I didn't supply her with lots o' hay, but she sort of tried to make a nest with a few bits of her wool. I think she was taken aback by the ordeal, too. Long story short, there are 6 kits, 4 black and 2 white (maybe brownish) and all are safe inside our house.

Autumn and Leslie from next door heard about the kits and just had to hold them a minute! They are great kids.

And so, Ginger's and Percival's line live on, too. Yay.