Monday, July 19, 2010

Yield to cross traffic.

It's funny, sometimes, how things work out.

I go off my Happy Pills and get more energetic and interested in life. I start sewing. I clean up my sewing studio. I open myself up to possibilities. I get one little sewing job, and then a bigger one, and now, it looks as though I have an as-much-sewing-as-I-care-to-do job making kites and windsocks. Of all things.

I visited with Richard, the owner of Sun Oaks Kites today, and apparently, I passed the audition. (Well, duh.) I have a feeling that this could be as much of a job as I want it to be, on down the line, but right now I will be sewing kites on a piecework basis, at home. That's the best part, especially since English, Indiana is just over an hour away from me. Looks like for now, I'll visit their shop once or twice a month, and in-between we will meet in Corydon (only 25 minutes from here.)

I'm excited and interested, and I know I can do the work. It may not be rocket surgery, but baby needs a new pair of shoes, if you get my drift. I need to actually make money, not have a hobby, and this seems to fit.