Wednesday, February 18, 2009

U.S. Postage Paid

There are days when the best I can muster is an expletive. Today isn't quite that bad, but..well, shit.

I found Ginger cold in his cage this morning. Food from last night, all eaten. Poop, current. I'm starting to call this SBDS, or Sudden Bunny Death Syndrome.

I am also thinking that this may be some genetic quirk, as Sheila and Candy were also victims and they all were related. Except we found Sheila just before the death part. It is always sad for me to lose a bunny like that. Or any way, really. Outside, Little Grey has gone missing and I assume he is also dead. I had noticed some listlessness on his part over the last month.

On the plus side of bunnies, all of Virginia's babies are doing well, even the runt whom I have had to nurse on mom separately. Bless his heart, he is a fourth of the size of the biggest one.

Heizen, Whiffleball, Li'l Bit and the other two "outsiders" are well.

Li'l bit lurves Whifle ball.

Sweetie has a job, we are not underwater, and I am (Susan is) selling lots o' Fuzzarelly Fiber. Could be worse.