Friday, February 20, 2009

Banquet Highlights

Commies and Rooster and Humping Bunnies. Oh MY!.

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The Giant and the Runt.

Umm, and the new scarf!

I must have been high or something when I spun this yarn because it is - is - is gossamer! This entire scarf weighs .6 of an ounce and it measures 4" x 50."

I have written out the pattern and sometime in the future, maybe Susan will format it all nice and offer it with my Bunny and the Beast fiber.

Because Sweetie and I are too cheap to invest real $ into software and thus are relegated to using freeware for things like, oh, letter formatting and such. I have tried to use Gimp today, an open source Photoshop kind of thing and now my head aches and my eyes are tired.

This is a view to the west of the house, looking out the front door, with the Laconia School on the hill and the spring about amidships, running behind the neighbor's shed.