Monday, March 02, 2009

Discard after 30 Days


I am considering getting a couple of hens soon. I have never raised chickens, but has that ever stopped me from doing anything ever? Even though we are in the town limits, (those of you that know where I live can laugh now,) I don't think there should be a problem. As former clerk/treasurer, I know for a fact that there is no ordinance against livestock in "town." We have the space and a structure that can be made into a henhouse with small effort.

I say this knowing that I do not need another thing, another species, to take care of but really - how hard can it be?

Nurse Kelly bought 30 heritage breed chicks by mail a few years ago and she lives in what can be called ruburbia. Not quite rural, not quite suburbia. She knew about raising poultry and everything was fine until the chicks grew up. Now, some were lost to predators or whatever, but of the 18 or so that grew to adulthood, 12 were roosters. Even that was okay with this Nebraska raised farm girl, until the roosters all decided to commence crowing at about 3 am.

They were beautiful. Silkies and Tophatters, and other colorful breeds that I can't remember the names of right now, and the hens laid eggs that were small but delicious. But Nurse Kelly's husband finally said that the roosters Had To Go. You know, before the neighbors cooked them for supper. She brought them to me for overnight keeping until I could deliver them to another friend and so I now know that I don't want more than one rooster and even better, no roosters at all. Sweetie does like to sleep in, ya know, working second shift and all that.

But wouldn't a couple of chickens be cool? I'd be happy with a couple of guinea fowl.

Oh, my brothers, if you are reading this, you will remember the Fourth of July festivities on the square in our hometown. About three o'clock in the afternoon, maybe ten guinea fowl would be released from the clock tower of the courthouse. You catch it, it's yours. Our parents wisely forbade us attempting any capture. I think that event is probably not done anymore, in these here modern times.

As an aside, as a youngster of maybe 8 or 9, I won the twist dance contest in the bandstand on the square. My prize was a Kennedy Silver Dollar. (A Silver Half-Dollar?)