Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Thanks for the comments and emails. I am missing Bonnie in a thousand little ways. And I have been missing her in a thousand little ways for several months. She was a great red wasp alert. She loved to run. She was so incredibly smart. She hated guns, gun shots and fireworks. She absolutely loved me and Sweetie without being gushy. She was my best girl.

In actuality, she's been gone for quite awhile.

I have been reflecting on what the Buddha calls the spark of life. Spark! You are conceived. Spark! You are dead. If you can find it, read the The Zen of Physics. I got a lot out of the book but right now I am unable to articulate, as usual. It did suit my Buddhist world view, however.

In other news, I am back on eBay as Fuzzarelly selling my fibers. I am sending in an application to Maryland to be a vendor and have already sent the app to Greencastle. I am looking forward to the Wool Fest in Falmouth, KY (first weekend of Oct.) and the Fall Fiber Fest and Market in Corydon, IN (third Saturday of Oct.)

Habitat for Humanity completed the purchase of Camp Swampy last week; a piece of property we once owned across the street. It will be so cool to have a new house built in Lovely LA.

I have begun another shawl, now that the blue socks are complete. (Lynne was the recipient of that pair.) (When someone bewails the fact that they cannot knit two socks that match, and they are such good people, what am I to do?) This new shawl will be knit from Fuzzarelly Fibers using a variety of blends. The pink mohair shawl will be a part of the Shawl Exchange at Shakertown in Kentucky this December, the annual retreat of the Friendship Spinners. The first shawl I knit, the one with the earth tones - will it be mine? Maybe. Maybe not.

I sure miss the hippies. I think the world could do with fewer business degrees folks and more hippies.

I Still Have Nightmares About Love and Peace

Blonde: I hate hippies.
Brunette: Me too! My mom said in the '60s, hippies were worse than homeless people!
Blonde: I used to be afraid of hippies as a kid. My mom used to threaten that I would get kidnapped by hippies if I was bad.

--Grand Central

Overheard by: matt

via Overheard in New York, Sep 12, 2006