Monday, March 09, 2009

see pg. 87 for details - link fixed - I am a Dumas

A very cool version of Come Together. With Ukulele.

Dance around the house happy but has a sad bit at the end.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

More than a handful anymore. This is Runt, aka JB (after a friend,) aka Tadpole (for his big head,) and one of the Anonymous Others.

I was quite pleased with the two days of work that Mr. Josh Handyman did for me, and I may hire/barter with him for other chores over the summer. I mow his girlfriend's yard, a few doors down, plus his mom's vacant property next door, so I have some capital to barter with.

I even have a new fiber blend, or rather, an old blend that is made new and renamed. No more the Lumpy Bunny, behold the Fuzzy Nuggets, an 80% angora, 20% merino batt the delivers a slightly textured and fuzzy yarn.

This Saturday is the Friendship Spinner's meeting, as well as a preview for us FS members to the new facilities of The Woolery, which has moved to Frankfort, Kentucky. I intend to take my Fuzzarelly Fibers for general sale to the guild, and might as well see if The Woolery is interested. Why not?


I have been busy in the studio. Sweetie worked a funky weekend shift that left me thinking that today was Tuesday. Whew. Now that the weather is warmer, I don't stand at the carder and shiver anymore, and I hope to be more productive.

The Evul Kitteh has vanished, methinks into the jaws of a recently deceased pit bull. (So much drama here in a tiny little town.) And so there are 4 or 5 little outside bunnies surviving plus the three I kept inside. With the warmer weather and their goodly size, it was time.