Monday, August 03, 2009

Expiration date August 5, 2009

A couple of things going on. The good news, is that one of the two large hens laid an egg today. Yay!

I placed an old sewing machine cabinet drawer, lined with hay, in the mezzanine of the chicken tractor and the hens have been laying all of their eggs there. The banty hens gave us another 8 eggs this past week, but there was a larger egg in the box today. I figure that is about right, as I think I bought those girls a few weeks after I got the bantys.

The roosters are getting it on with the hens, but the hens are too young yet to brood. They may never sit on their eggs, but if they want to, I will let them.

The bad news is about 15 year old Buster dog. He has good days and bad days, but he has had a bad week. Wizzing in the house is one thing, and I can tolerate the mopping up, but losing control of his bowels on the couch one night and on the bed with us the next night is quite another thing altogether. He seemed so totally out of it.

So, I called the vet this morning and made the death appointment for Wednesday afternoon. But wouldn't you know it that today, he had a good day. Almost actually running, and doing all his business outside. Damn. Sweetie and I are in such turmoil. We let Bonnie live too long, as she was a mere shell at the end. She wavered between her bad days and the more terrible days, and I swore that I would never let Buster live his last hours like that. He is almost blind and almost deaf. He has lost ten pounds in the last year. He has a cyst that will not heal. His fur is falling out in clumps. His zest for life is almost nil. He doesn't want to eat. We thought about canceling the appointment. Then I decided, no. We have to do this.

It all just sucks.

Like a Good Neighbor

Wow! Look at this, it's a cup holder for your spinning wheel!