Thursday, May 07, 2009

From Cultures Far and Wide

As I write this, we are without telephone and internet service. The line from the pole was ripped out of our house by, we are thinking, a truck with a mighty tall load. It's just one of those freakass things that happen. Sweetie has gone up to the General Store to call Verizon. Hope it gets fixed soon or I will have interwebs withdrawl.

Otherwise, I have been knitting. Socks, even. It has been maybe 6 months since I finished my last pair and since then have spent awhile working of the three scarf patterns. They have been a nice knit, so far, although I can't remember what yarn this is since I bought it over a year ago and balled it up last summer. I like the way it stripes, even if it is a wee bit splitty. I am using what Nancy Bush calls the Common Heel, which is easy peasy. The heel is what always wears out first on all of my socks, hence the common heel done in garter stitch for the last third. I plan to meander some yarn on the inside of the heel, too, as reinforcement.

The two chicks are growing, look! And they are getting brown feathers, it looks like. Once they are grown, I will scout the interwebs to see what breed they are.

Just to show you what can happen to rabbits, this is Icky Thump with a chin abscess. I hope it is from chinning and not from a tooth problem. I lanced it and expressed an incredible amount of pus, then slathered the opening with anti-robotic.

I don't want to gross anyone out, but I did take a photo of the pus, so if you are interested, let me know and I will email that photo to you privately.

Sweetie has rigged up the phone line until Verizon can get here. On Wednesday of next week. But woo hoo, we are online!