Tuesday, October 12, 2010

One, Two, Three

Three things made me cry today. Two of the things were happy cries, and the other one I just couldn't help.

So, I wrote yesterday about my camera, which is lost and how it would be next month before I could get a new one. So Ms. AmpuTeeHee offered to send me one she had been wondering what to do with. Perfectly fine, out of the box one time, with rechargeable battery and usb cord and everything. For free. Because she is the Queen of the Universe. Yeah, I cried. I mean, I am not used to being given things, especially nice things, or getting offers of help, especially from people I've never met. 

And? It's purple.

I also wrote about the seasonal blues and the committee in my head telling me what a fuck-up I am. So I read an email from NancyNeverSwept that made me cry at the first few words, where she wrote that she cared about me and that I was setting off alarm bells and lots of other genuine things that I won't go into. 

She also made me laugh with this line: I know that a lot of it is the shortening days (I still prefer real butter, but I digress)

What have I done to deserve such good friends?

The last thing was finding Big Red cold in the side yard this morning, but I had been expecting that to happen, so that wasn't it. It was seeing Roostifer walking around her body, staying near her, being a loyal rooster to his only girlfriend. I took her away to the cemetery, and still, this afternoon, he seems to be looking for her.

You'd cry, too.