Thursday, August 03, 2006



The court date was Wednesday.

But on Tuesday, Mr. Turner pleaded guilty. Guilty. GUILTY. There is a fine, one year's probation, anger management classes, and a no contact order me and Sweetie. Plus, there's the money he paid to three different lawyers that did nothing for him except postpone the inevitable. The no contact order does not cover town council meetings, which are open to the public, but I hope the board will choose not to listen or pay attention to him. Town council meeting is Friday morning.

The audit, or to be more precise, the examination, went as expected. I knew there were things that hadn't been done correctly, but she found more, blah blah blah. Please fire me!

I ordered 50 yards of silk noil fabric today. I have been thinking about sewing and art quilts and small items for fiber/art shows and it came to me that silk would be wonderful for everything I have in mind. Also, the latest issue of Fiber Art came today and prodded me to quit dithering and to get moving. I'm excited!

Life be good. And just because she's so beautiful, here's a snap of Lady Murgatroyd.