Monday, March 28, 2011

Good for 100,000 miles.


Came back from another trip to The Old Home Place to find it snowing like crazypants here in Missouri. It all melted yesterday, and the roads were never covered, but still, you know, Cut it Out!

Going to Indiana was a trip. (ha ha) There were wind gusts to do a Republican proud, and Sweetie did a swell job to keep us on the road, although it was down right scary at times. Then, as if that weren't fun enough, the fanbelt on the Big Ass Van shredded just as we exited the free way for the 25 minute, back roads drive home. My mantra always is that it could have been worse. It could have happened in the wilderness of Southern Illinois. It could have been hailing. Or snowing. Or thunderstorming. But the van got us to Corydon and just beyond, and we have friends that actually answer their phone after 10 pm, so we made it to the house Wednesday night. Sweetie fixed the van the next day; just bless his heart. What can I say? We brought his motorcycle back with us, but of course it was snowing….

I have updated my website, since I unwittingly paid for another year of hosting. Welcome to the new world of Chez Fuzzarelly! I also plan to attend the Fiber Event in Greencastle April 15-16, as I have this overwhelming need to adopt and hold a fuzzy little bunny creature. Just one. Really. Also? My friend at Blue Acorn won't be there because she got into the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival! Lynne has worked so hard to build up her business and I am so glad she got this break!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Nothing to see here.

It may not sound like much, but I made some curtains yesterday, and even hung them. Plain white cotton for the office/mud room. It had been so long since I used my wonderful sewing machine, and I actually enjoyed the process. (The machine really is ace.) The front of the house faces southwest straight on, so I know I'll need some curtains there, and soon. Since I have part of a roll of silk noil, and it is too rough for my sensitive skin for clothing, I plan to dye and use that. That should be fun.

There is a magnolia tree in the front yard, coming into bud. No frost in the forecast, but rain and cooler weather, so I hope to see it in its glory.

Princess has taken to chasing squirrels, of which there are many here. Part of the back yard fence is down, but there is a spare length in the garage, and I have tasked Sweetie with the chore of making a quick fix tonight. But it's funny how temporary fixes become permanent.

I'm feeling okay; the sunshine helps immensely. I took a walk today, around a few blocks. We have a nice, flat terrain here with no hills to tax my asthma. Sweetie says he will fix up his bike for me to ride. That would be fun.

I find it hard to believe that March is 2/3s over already, don't you? Seems like just a week or so ago that I got a call from Sweetie's old boss, wondering if he'd be interested in a job in Missouri.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Twice daily by mouth.


I saw my new care giver today, and it was good. Her name is Judi, and she is a Nurse Practitioner. The entire visit was good; very good. I am so happy to be insured again. Also? They have a mental health division. Which you may know that I need. (Well, duh.)

The visit took for freaking ever, though, what with being a new patient and all the sordid medical history required. I even had to have a nebulizer treatment, as my breathing was so extremely suck ass. Blood was drawn, tears of craziness were shed, and socks were knitted in the meantime. 

Maybe I am finally at a place in time and life that I can get the help I need at a price I can afford. Ya think? With the GOP in control? I can dream.

The sorry thing is? I am so lucky to have a husband with really good bennies at his new job. I should not be in this privileged position! This should be something that everyone in the USA can have access to! It has been humiliating the last 18 months to ask for "favored" treatment because I was uninsured. ("Please, Sir, can I have some more?") 

It's just awful. I hated it. I have needed help but could not afford it. That is one reason I am now living in Missouri. Health benefits. 

Re-apply every six weeks.

We had snow again this week, about 4 inches. It came down in huge wet glob-flakes all day long. Which day? I cannot remember, as I have been sick with the Dreaded Creeping Crud since Sunday. Today, I am able to toddle about, do laundry and whatnot, but it was hard going there for awhile. 

Of course, Sweetie is now afflicted. Fortunately, he is off work until Sunday morning and has me to fetch and carry for him. 

Tomorrow, I am off to see a Nurse Practitioner, postponed from Monday. I have had to cut the cord with my long-time Doctor in Indiana and hope to have made a prudent choice here. Also, my medical benefits have kicked in. (Which is so suck ass, to be dependent upon one's spouse's work insurance. I. will. not. rant.) Anyway, I hope I like this medical group. I hope they are caring and nice and all that. Not judgmental, but not skimpy with good advice, either. 

You know, I just turned 54, and I have noticed that all of my body hair is thinning. I haven't shaved my legs in two months, but all I have is about 30 hairs per leg that are 3/4 of an inch long. My bangs are noticeably wimpier. Let us not even mention, you know, swimwear hair problems. I don't know how to deal with all of this. I don't feel old! Why does my body say I am? I wonder if I shouldn't quit coloring my hair. Maybe get it cut off way short and let the grey grow out. I don't have any roadmaps telling me which route to take.

I feel quite unsure. There is no mother, grandmother, sister, or aunt to guide me. Talk about lonely.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Lots my differ.

Saturday, I had the scratchy throat. Sunday, I was The Mean Green Mucus Machine. Monday, after a regimen of 2 benadryls and 2 aspirins every 6 hours, I was able to walk upright again.

Today, still have the cold, but feel much better. Postponed my Monday "new patient with a primary care physician" appointment to Thursday. 

Sweetie and I both have had escaping dreams lately, where we are trying to get out of somewhere. Apropos to our situation, ya think? Last night I dreamed, once again, about being back in high school, where I was failing English! of all things. (Also having sex with teachers in the bathroom.)(Heh heh.)

There is over 4 inches of snow here. Again. There were huge fluffy snow globs falling much of yesterday. Quite beautiful, and got my desire to actually see it snow here over with. Okay. The temperatures are high enough that all roadways are clear, and warm weather is on its way for later in the week. 

Taxes are done, and we will get a small amount of money back, after paying for the preparation. Like I have said before, I will let Sweetie perform surgery on me, but I want a professional to prepare my taxes. 

Began another pair of plain-jane socks, but am looking on Ravelry for something more demanding.

Monday, March 07, 2011

Everything I Need to Know

The depression is back, what with the dismal weather and grey skies. I am forcing myself to not sleep all day, but to rather do something, to move around, to get out of the house. It helps but it is hard to get kick started. 

All is quiet on the paranormal front. Yay.

I discovered a small stand of daffodils emerging in the back yard, about a week behind the ones in Indiana. My friend Lorie asked if I planned to bring any of the flowers here from the Indiana house. Now that I think about it, I would like to have some of the iris and daylilies, and even the tulips and daffs that I have collected over the years. Sweetie wants to dig up and bring the little (8 ft.) Dawn Redwood to go with the ginormous one here in the new back yard; it must be 10 or 12 feet around and over 60 feet tall. The Dawn Redwood is called a metasequoia, and was thought to be long extinct until a stand of a thousand trees was discovered in China back in the 1940s. 

Going back to Indiana on Wednesday, and have made an appointment to get our taxes done. We qualify for a moving deduction! Yay! Any little bit will help, as I no longer have my business deductions; not that I have made much money in the past year. The hardships of bi-state living have switched, as there is no internet or fridge or bed in Indiana. Also, you know about the leap in gas prices. Divide 340 miles by 14 mpg in the van, and multiply by $3.45, and that is what it costs one way. About $84. So it goes.

I have begun another blog, Back Roads and Byways of Montgomery County. Not much there yet, but here is a sample.

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Wacky Wednesday

Ok. So. Thank goodness for good hand trucks. Let me say that up front.

Sweetie wrangled the washer and dryer down into the basement today, with very little drama. At first.

While he was hooking up the hot and cold and all that, I said, "Wanna hear what happened to me yesterday?"

"Why, yes, I do." Always the gentleman.

"I was on the couch, resting a bit, solving a sudoku. Princess was next to me, and I think the cats were around, and I heard a whump/clunk from somewhere in the house. I sat up and listened. Princess was awake but was fine and not alarmed, so I just figured it came from next door or something.

A little later, I went into the downstairs bath. I had taken a shower earlier and closed the doors and hung the towel up. So I went into the bathroom and the shower door was open and the towel was on the floor."

Without skipping a beat, he said, "Okay, let me tell you my little story. Last Saturday, as I was taking some of the bed parts upstairs? I felt like something tugged twice on them from behind, and I looked back and there was nothing. And nothing that should have caused it, either."

"But I don't feel anything bad here, and Princess and the cats weren't freaked out."

"I don't feel anything bad here, either."

So I said, loudly, to nobody in particular down in the basement, "Cut that shit out, you hear me?"

I didn't grow up with sort of stuff. He did.