Friday, October 27, 2006


This is a view of the kids at rest. Often, I am among them.

The round shawl is at a standstill as I try to figure out what course to take. I posted a picture of it on a string and flat - mostly. Unfortunately, the very center is so dense that it pooks up and I fear it will never drape correctly. I am also not thrilled with my choice of pattern for such an array of colors. It won't bother me to rip it all out and begin again with another, simpler pattern.

At the moment, I am knitting socks again. I am still having problems with the short row heel and toe. One problem is that I think it looks inelegant. At least in my hands. I use the "knit to next to last stitch, slip and wrap that stitch and work to other side. On the increase side, both the wrap and that stitch are worked as one." The row of increases and decreases looks sloppy. I also seem to drop stitches on the purl side at that point. (Some of you know that I knit backwards on the purl rows in order for the right side to always face me. This is great for intarsia and also if one does not like to purl. I can purl. I just choose not to whenever possible.) One could say that I purl from the wrong side. Whatever.

So I Googled sock+tutorials and found a few hints. I am approaching the toes on this latest pair and I will try this: first part is the same, but on the increase part, one picks up the wrap stitch, knits the next stitch and passes the wrap over. Is this at all clear? I am hoping this works. If others can point me to other techniques, I would appreciate it.

I have been regularly reading a blog that makes me feel inadequate. (Valerie, it's okay. I'm feeling fairly inadequate in many parts of my life.) It's called The Further Adventures of the Secret Yarninator. Go there and read.