Thursday, July 01, 2010

Match notches.

I went upstairs last week, looking for a book, but found a bag of blue jean seams instead.

Somewhere online, I thought it was this site, but I can't find it now - anyway, I found a little tutorial on reusing blue jean seams, and so, I made this bath mat. It's about 18" by 24."

Several years ago, I wove this little basket from denim seams, too. It has turned into Sweetie's change keeper.

From the bolt of silk noil, I have created this hippie outfit, loose and comfortable. I drafted a pattern for the pants, but just drew the shape of the tunic onto the fabric.

This coat is also from the silk noil. I like the pocket detail, for which I used linen. I found the pattern in my studio; a friend gifted it to me when I had my store, along with several others in a similar vein. I dyed all of the garments in the washing machine using Jacquard's acid dye.

Next on the clothing agenda will be a long summer dress made from, hmmmm, silk noil, I think.