Monday, February 23, 2009

Resume Safe Speed

Today, life is good.

I love it when work is fun! I've had a bucket of dyed angora mats hanging around for months, not really knowing how to use them with the new carder. The trick is to turn up the carder's speed! Last night, I ran it through the carder with a modicum of merino, just enough to hold the bunny together. The higher speed keeps the mats from being completely smoothed out.

Vi-ola! Lumpy Bunny, 90% angora and 10% merino. Sent 8 batts of this plus 16 others to Susan just now. And I am pretty darn happy.

I have just a smidgen of the LB to spin and will do that tonight. Or as soon as I get off the pooter.

Babies are well. This shot is from 2 days ago and yes, they have grown since.

I have released the 2 little outdoors bunnies to roam about the house. They are appreciative. And poop a lot. Everywhere.

This is Spot's pelt, almost completed. Need to rewet and condition it more.