Saturday, June 06, 2015

Is Boris really Gudonov?

My life is so busy any more. For me and my life, that is. Crazy busy. I mean, actually going places with other people, going places and doing things. Taking an art(y) class or two, even.

Last night was the season premier of our town’s Music in the Park series. One older woman came up to the booker and said, “Thank you for bringing some good music to town!”  The art council that I am president of was in charge of it for the first time, so that was good to hear. Not that there was or is anything wrong with the oompa-pa-pa bands that have played there in the past. 

So, oh yeah, the art council, the one I am president of (who knew?) is going through some fits and starts. I think a third, and maybe a fourth, member is quitting. Not that anyone is throwing them overboard intentionally, but the ship would be better off if they jumped. We’ve been able to finally move forward with some of the good things we had hope to accomplish, and I am in the position of being the calm(!) center. Again, who knew? 

And the classes. Today I travel to St. Louis to take a silk painting class, a one-off. I wouldn’t go but a friend asked and she is driving. Next Sunday, other members of the board plan to take a caricature drawing class in Fulton, Mo. I think it will be a nice bonding kind of thing - girls’ (ladies’) (women’s) day out. 

Monday, I have my first paid gig teaching how to make felt flowers. Members of the spinners’ group have expressed interest in taking a class from me, and the owner of a B and B asked if I could teach her friends how to make vessels. 

And now, I am contemplating actually getting a booth together and selling my merchandise at a couple of art fairs. And getting a Square. But first getting an iPad. 

Just way more shit and socialization and commerce than I am used to. Fuzzarelly Fibers rises from the ashes. Who knew?

If you’ve read this far, let me say that part of all this comes from me getting better, mentally and physically. I have been able to stop taking most of my ‘happy’ medication and so have lost some weight. I quit drinking two and a half years ago, (again,) and that has freed up a lot of spare time. And money. It takes time and money to be a drunk. I was able to stop seeing my therapist because I felt well enough to do so. More money saved. 

So, here I am and there I go. A person that others rely on; that is scary. A person that other people want to be around. Egad. I am being more creative than I have been for 10 years. Seriously. I am teaching, without fear and anxiety. No shit Sherlock. And if I keep writing here, I will become interesting again.

No wonder I’m exhausted. That, and the Allergies from Hell. 

Handle on the purse. A learning experience.
This one won't be for sale.
Felt flowers for class.