Friday, August 31, 2007

Knits and Notes

It’s SCATTERGORIES, and is harder than it looks! Thank you, JenLa:

Here are the rules:
~Use the 1st letter of your name to answer each of the following.
~They MUST be real places, names, things…NOTHING made up!
~If you can’t think of anything, skip it.
~Try to use different answers if the person before you had the same 1st initial.
~You CAN’T use your name for the boy/girl name question.

Have fun!

Your Name: Fuzzarelly
1. Famous Singer/Band: Freddie Fender
2. 4 letter word: Frog
3. Street Name: Fourth Street
4. Color: Fuchsia
5. Gifts/Presents: Fingerless Gloves, French Perfume, Faberge Egg
6. Vehicle: Ford Fairlane
7. Things in a Souvenir Shop: Figurine
8. Boy Name: Frank
9. Girl Name: Fredna (this is my aunt)
10. Movie Title: A Fish Called Wanda
11. Drink: Flaming Hurricane
12. Occupation: Fire fighter
13. Celebrity: Franklin (The Panopticon)
14. Magazine: Forbes
15. U.S. City: Ft. Wayne, IN
16. Pro Sports Teams: Falcons
18. Reason for Being Late for Work: Flat
19. Something You Throw Away: Fag end
20. Things You Shout: Futhermucker!
21. Cartoon Character: Fred Flintstone

Knits and Notes

The purple and white socks are at the heel flap, and I did dye the "over twisted and over plied," second-place merino a fire engine red and I'm using it for the heel and toe.

For the heel, I using what Nancy Bush calls the Shaped Common Heel because I am tired of the other heel methods. Why not live a little? This method knits the heel flap extra long and it is then folded in half and grafted together to fit under the heel. (The Shaped bit means that the middle/back edge is decreased slightly to achieve a rounded shape.) Stitches are then picked up along the sides and gussets are created by decreasing - just like a regular heel flap. I got tired of the Opal yarn, too, and that is why I put in that funky red line up the back.

I have solved my dilemma concerning how to dye the 1350 yards of lace weight merino several different colors/shades - I'm just going to skein it and cut it. I tried the Russian Joinwith this yarn and was well pleased with the technique. Life is too short to agonize. Only now, I have to agonize about what colors/shades to use. I don't know...maybe purple and fuchsia?

I knit in the continental style, and Norwegian Purl all the time. I thought some of you might be interested in a short You Tube video of the technique.

Let's have a moment of silence for

Iduma Best, 76, Elizabeth, died Sunday, Aug. 26, 2007, at Floyd Memorial Hospital and Health Services in New Albany. She was a retired burnisher at Bruce Fox in New Albany.