Saturday, August 29, 2009

Our Customers Come First

The roosters and the big hens are now flying the coop and investigating the yard. Reese's just ignores them. Found all four of these chickens on the front porch this afternoon.

Here is a great video of the Korean Bassist, H J Freaks. The song is called Fuwa Fuwa Time, by K-ton, and the title translates roughly as Light and Fluffy time, which sort of explains the pink and lace outfit.

Use proper parking procedures

The little neighbor girl, Lezlie, ran to tell her grandmother, "Nana, that mean rooster is trying to kill the girl chicken!! Come help!"

Yes, it looked as though they were killing the hens, leaping on the girls' backs and biting their neck feathers, wings flapping like crazy, squawking the entire fifteen seconds that the episode lasted. I left that one for Nana to explain.

I have a dozen eggs this week, and the banty hens have been quite broody for the past couple of weeks, but they not are mature enough yet to hatch healthy chicks. Come spring, I will let them sit on their clutch.

Those eggs will apparently be fertilized.