Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Scoopin' Up the Field Mice...

Here she is, before end weaving and blocking. Three quarters of a square, and there were about 1200 stitches bound off at the end.

I had never heard the "L'il Bunny Foo Foo" song before this. I merely thought it was an interesting pattern.

Southpark, on the other hand, had.

Clinically Proven

This is a link to a little bit of mash-up poetry, from the blog called Sentence First. Go, read and come back.


Dentist appointment today at noon; just a cavity this time, but need to work a little this morning as I probably won't feel like doing much when I get home.

I'm tired and achy from a busy-for-me Saturday. Went with Sweetie to his work and walked over a lot of concrete floors and sorted through huge boxes of books. Slipped and fell when I stepped on top of loose cardboard sheets. Then went to see friends at the Southern Indiana FiberArts Festival and walked over more concrete. (Didn't buy a thing. Sorry friends.) I was sore that night, and was even more so on Sunday, and I still hurt last evening. I think the fall was worse than I realized. The allergies aren't helping; getting hives on my face which hasn't happened in years.

So it goes.