Sunday, May 09, 2010

Call Now!

Sometimes? It's a good thing to make another person cry.

Good Neighbor Nancy is, as her soubriquet explains, a Good Neighbor and a Good Friend. She babysits my dogs, she watches out for and feeds my chickens and bunnies as needed. She move turtles across the road. She is a kind woman, a good mom and aunt and grandmother, and a better sister than her sister deserves.

She is on disability because of a back injury, and is in almost constant pain. I cannot remember how many operations she has had just since I've known her.

She does a lot for others, but few do for her.

So, yesterday, Sweetie and I gave her a Tracfone so she can be safer while driving, and at home.

I gave her the green Cat Bhordi socks first, with a fancy keychain stuffed into one, and a Tracfone minutes card in the other. Then, we gave her the phone. Her very first cell phone.

And she cried.