Friday, August 21, 2015

Made by Professionals

Simple little flowers. They make me happy. Teaching this class in a couple of weeks.

Applied the vinyl lettering to this sign today. Ordered it online, and when I received the package, I relealized that CENTER straight across wouldn't fit, so I had to futz with it a bit to make it work. Sweetie added a handle to the top and two locking casters in order make hauling it to the street corner a bit easier. We already had the frame with blue plexiglass, but we weren't using it. The Art Center is actually on a state highway, but just off the busier road that passes through town. We are trying to give us more of a presence.

Copperplate is our font and blue is our color.

I'm supposed to be teaching at this art center tomorrow, the class about baggie dyeing cotton. I only have one student signed up, but she really wants to dye some wool fabric. Had a couple of people who couldn't make it this Saturday, and asked if I could teach the class again. I am out nothing - everything I planned to use, I already had - dye, fabric, baggies.

I'm very tired today. I have a 3/4 felted purse on the table in the basement, but I don't think I have the strength to deal with it. My feets hurt, too.