Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Electronic Access Denied

In a conversation with Luna at the last Friendship Spinners meeting, I remarked about how I hate people. "No! You? Not possible!" she said.

Luna is interested in my Free Barn Loom that was in the last FS newsletter.

In an email to her, I stated that I had purchased the loom from a local couple about 5 years ago. I had great plans. That local couple had bought said loom twenty years earlier for $100. Here I was, giving it way. She joked that in ten years, she would be paying someone to take the thing away, considering how the value of it was going.

I really hope that she might be able to set it up to weave.

So I clarified my statement to say the I hate people in general, yet not so much in particular. "Oh yeah, I'm like that!" Ah ha!

I have a few friends that I care for very much. But there are so many more individuals out there that I would just as soon avoid. I do not want to know them. At all. The trick is to sort the chaff from the wheat.

Friendship Spinners contains both, I say in all honesty, but there is a greater percentage of the wheat in the mix. In my defunct store, I met much wheat. In my little community, I have met 95% chaff. Go away and leave me alone.

My point is that spinners are often self-described hermits who venture out maybe monthly to meet other hermits. To spin and commune.

Debra told me once about when her husband met many of us at a large get-together. He looked around and told her, in a half-joking way, that these folks were just like her and she was replaceable. Not so unique anymore, was she.

These people, these mostly women, are My Tribe.