Monday, September 04, 2006

the Honey Do List

There is a reason that I persist in my childish behavior - it works. More often than not. My little fit of masochistic passive aggression did the trick and Sweetie got all sorts of chores done around the house on his three-day weekend. I am so glad. Of course, Crazy Neighbor, Josh the Hyperactive helped with the motivation. "C'mon, let's fix that barn door! Help me with this and then we'll take another load to the burn pile. And later......" That was the routine for the better part of two days.

My friend Nancy commented to me that I haven't written about Bonnie lately. The news isn't good. The lameness in her hind quarters has gotten so bad that she falls sometimes on our walks and it's difficult or impossible for her to get up on the couch. She's just a shadow of her former self. I knew that Sweetie and I would have to take that dreadful trip to the vet soon but Sweetie was reluctant. "Maybe we can get her some more shots; that helped last time." And I would reply that that would only prolong the inevitable and we were going to have to put her down THIS WEEK. She's not getting better and she won't get better. Ever. Now, it is a week later and Sweetie has finally come to grips. We purchased a memorial at the Concrete Lady on Friday - it's an almost life-sized statue of a sleeping dog all curled up and restful looking. It looks like her. The site was selected and dirt has been excavated. We'll take her to the vet Wednesday or Thursday for her final sleep.