Monday, March 15, 2010

Naturally Pure

So what I am about to write will piss off some of you. It's just my opinion.

I am now a certified second level Reiki practitioner as of yesterday. That's what $125, seven hours, and a piece of paper will get anyone.

My general opinion is that Reiki is 80% unadulterated horseshit, 10% placebo effect, and 10% real and/or uneksplained as yet.

I know for a fact that merely laying hands on a person will almost always make that person feel better. As human beings, as tactile beings, we need to be touched. Massage, either light or deep, is healing.

I also think that if a person pays $60 an hour for a Reiki session, they are ekspecting to feel better, they want to feel better, and so they often will feel better. I believe that people are susceptible to suggestion, some more so than others. If they are told that this particular crystal has been energized by some healing force, they will believe and maybe even benefit from that belief.

I believe in science, and science eksplains a lot, but so much is still waiting to be understood. I particularly like quantum physics, and believe that that field of study is going to reveal a lot in the coming century. (If humans live that long, that is.) I think there is indeed something real about being literally grounded as well as chi.

So, for what it is, I do feel more comfortable doing my own form of healing, my gentle and intuitive massage and laying on of hands after the class yesterday. I'll not charge money for it, though, as I feel my little talent is a gift to be freely given.