Wednesday, July 12, 2006


I am now a part of Louisville's Home-a-rama. The houses were all very large yet strangely crowded together. The houses were luxurious, all brick, but - shall I say it? They looked cheesy. Or maybe flashy would be a better term. A type of place to live in for three or four years and then sell and buy a house a little further out. One with more land.

Where have I seen this before? Oh yeah! I lived Atlanta from 1975 until 1994. I saw the suburbs change, the exodus of white people into surrounding counties, creating more far flung areas being served by another fucking strip mall and gas station. And no mass transit out there. In the eighties, the hip, the gay, the young professional moved into downtown and midtown. Up went those property values. In came the chain stores. Out went the small local businesses. And here I am doing my small part. That is the decorator in the photo,, holding up a pice I like to call Morning Glorys.

Except The Little Five Points area and environs. This neighborhood is fighting to keep out a CVS drug store. They maybe have won or lost the case by now as I don't try to keep up with the news from Atlanta anymore. They fought to keep a free way from dividing their people. (That case was in the courts for years. Bur the neighborhood won.)

My point being, this type of sprawling development is not sustainable. I'm just saying. And here's Claudia holding up Rapid Monsters.

Had a fun evening clipping Whitey. It was his first grown-up haircut. Since I am trading bunny wool for cages, I am being super picky about what qualifies as prime wool. He had 2 ounces of prime and 5 ounces of less that 2 1/2 inches long. I'm hoping to get 4 ounces of prime from Whitey at his next clipping in three months. He was among Kelly Bob's first litter born back in February. That was the litter of the pasteurella. This last litter has been kept apart from all the other bunnies and they are all very healthy. Bred Fuzzarelly to Percival June 9 and two days ago, she began nesting behavior but no babies. Also dyed more angora. Yesterday it was bubble gum pink and today, moss green.


Local Sports Editor Arrested by Karma Police; Sentenced to Ride 'It's a Small World' in Perpetuity

City editor: Do you think they give you your money back if your kid dies at Disney World?
Editor-in-Chief: No, but Mickey Mouse volunteers to be a pallbearer at the funeral.
Sports editor, in a Mickey Mouse falsetto: Hey guys, what's in the box?

7 North Jefferson Street
Huntington, Indiana

Overheard by: tricky nikki

via Overheard in the Office, Jul 11, 2006

Nothing I ever read about Huntington, Indiana is ever good. I like to read "Overheard at the Office" and "Overheard in New York" and "Overheard on the Beach." It makes me feel as though I have been out in public but without having to actually deal with all those people.

This morning, I have to actually deal with people. One in particular, anyway. She is decorating several new houses for Home-a-rama in Louisville this weekend. This person wants to adorn one of the houses with real, live art from five real-life artists and she was directed my way by a couple of suave, smooth talking bullshitters. They told her how busy I was and how I may not have any work on hand because I sell everything as soon as I make it blah blah blah. Thanks John and JD!

So It's only a Home-a-rama, but it is getting my work back out there. (So have you noticed a trend here? Two art quilt gigs all at once and out of the blue. Is this an omen?) Which reminds me of a story from Sweetie's aunt. She was in the midst of leaving her good-for-nothing gambling husband and didn't know where she was going to live and didn't even know if she was doing the right thing. She prayed every night for God to give her a sign. A few days later, she got hung up in traffic and noticed the weekly slogan at a certain church that read "THIS IS YOUR SIGN." True story.

My friend Lynne gave me a shoebox of quilt squares and pieces from her late grand mother and great aunt. Some are hand pieced and some are machine pieced. I have begun stitching some of the small pieces into squares and arranging blocks and strips on the design wall. This quilt will be dedicated to Lynne's ancestors but it will not be sappy or sentimental. Don't make me have to get a stick after you. It will be interesting.