Thursday, March 06, 2008

Insert Tab Into Slot

The local weather forecasters are wetting themselves in excitement because a storm is on the way and there may be 2 to 8 inches of real live SNOW. Film at eleven. Gather up grandmaw and the youngins, buy that bread and milk, and pray to be saved from this horrible ordeal.

Yeah. Well. Whatevah. As long as sweetie gets home safely tomorrow night.

Still knitting on the socks. Little Nibbler wrote about the bumps caused in the Helix Knitting when she passed one color with the other. At first, I was going to say that one shouldn't out-lap the "lead" color with the other one. I mean, I don't. However, after some thought, I decided that it isn't necessarily wrong and may even produce some neat effects. Be Bold and Fearless!

Still working in the studio. And at the dyepot. I'm so happy!

Here is some news about life here in a small town. (Pop. 29) There is a certain rich person who has a part-time residence in our township. He paid for the renovation of the general store. He paid half the bill to rock the bank of the spring that was the reason our town was located here. In 1816. Fresh water, you know. It's really pretty now that it isn't an overgrown and stagnate ditch.

So. This guy has bought the brick school building up on the hill. It was built as a WPA project in 1939, to replace the wooden structure that had burned. At first, it was an all grades school and later, it became a K through 8. The county's schools were consolidated and it closed in 1984. I know lots of people here who either graduated or attended that school.

The property (building and 15 acres) was auctioned off and sat empty for several years. An entrepreneur bought it about 1995 and many improvements were made. The business went sour, and again, it has sat silent for several years. Until now.

There is all sorts of small town speculation as to what the upshot will be. A community center? Elder care? A place for small businesses? The rich guy is low key and closed mouthed.

For moi, it is my scenery to the west. It is what I see when I walk out my front door. I, too, am curious about what it will turn into. I trust the rich guy, based on his previous performance, so I know the renovation will be first class.

Bunny Pictures!!