Sunday, December 13, 2009

Stay in Lane

I got nuthin'.

It has been cold, below freezing, and gray. Today? It's cold, above freezing, and gray. Plus drizzling.

There are no dead animals to report. Chickens, rabbits, cats, and dog are all alive.

There is no Christmas news, as I don't celebrate that holiday. I do need to bring something green into the house, though.

I've posted some photos over at Back Roads Harrison County.

I'm depressed and weary.

You know, all the usual December stuff.

These are photos of the front moving through last Wednesday, bringing in the freezing temperatures.

This field is just south of us. The house in the distance belongs to Danny Boone. Yes, he is a descendent of that Daniel Boone. Our town was platted by Dan'l's brother, Squire Boone in 1816 and I live in Boone Township.

(An interesting tidbit of history. The town was originally divided into four parcels, [intersecting where the 4-way stop is now,] and each lot was owned by a William Something.)

Soon, there will be another Habitat for Humanity house built neckts door, in that field.

I am imagining that my view from the kitchen window will change.