Thursday, June 23, 2011

Be still, my beating heart!

I will most likely not be able to put all of my inner excitement into words, however, I have found a home and kindred spirits right here in River City, er, Montgomery City!

I had two tasks today; a bank deposit and buying stamps. However, on the drive home, I took a sudden left to investigate the other vintage/antique/whatev store in the more "low rent" part of town. (Meaning, just off the main drag.)

At what the sign says is "Gypsy Gatherings," I found a group of people after mine own heart. A small but thriving little shop with rented booths and lots of traffic, and after a year in business, and expansion. I am going to have a booth with street frontage for a mere $65 a month. My dream, (and Sweetie's!) come true! 

My heart is still aflutter, and so I will post more as details emerge. However, I am happy as a clam at high tide and as a pig in slop!

Here is Sweetie in the newly returned Lucky Hat! It has been on the North American Tour of the Hall Family Heads, bringing luck at poker and fishing along the way. Have I written that I shaved his head a couple of weeks ago? It's growing out nicely.

Lucky Hat is Back!