Friday, May 26, 2006


My thirteen year old niece, Lori, will soon be a new reader of this blog. Hi, Lori! Like all new readers, I suggest that you start at the beginning and read forward.

I haven't seen as much of her and her brother Eric and their mom and dad lately as I would like. Did see them all at Thanksgiving last, and that was good. Even if all they did was play video games.

She is the daughter of my little brother who was born when I was almost 12. I got to take care of him a lot and when he was real little, it was fun. However, when I was 17 and 18, it was less fun to have such a brat tagging along all the time. But he got to see Nick's Kitchen and Rosco's, where he was a pin ball wizard at age 6. He probably saw more than he should. He drove my friends Lorie and Julie insane.

When I moved to Atlanta at 18, I lost touch with him because he lived with dad. I wasn't on speaking terms with my father. I was happy, though, when he reached out to me several years later. He and his wife visited a lot and I'm happy for that. I'm glad to have known Lori and Eric as babies and little kids and I hope to know them as grown ups, too.

Lori is a star player on her volleyball team! Made easier when one is, what, 5'9"??? At 13??? Her mom is a mere 5'12". (Me, I was almost grown at age 12, being five foot three and 125 pounds.) And at fourteen, deference to her dad, I will hush now. Lori, I hope I can give you interesting things to read here. Heh, heh.

Had made a lot of progress on the pink shawl and then ripped it back almost to the beginning. Wasn't pleased with the design. Have started again, and am happier this time. The Swans Wing pattern is just hard enough to hold my interest without being too difficult. Here is a photo, along with my graphed design and the latest Fiber Arts magazine. What wonderful things in those pages!!! Jeez Louise! Makes me almost wish to be 22 and full of artistic energy again! Almost!

I want to also welcome a new reader from Scotland (and her blog link is now on the left of this page). Hello, Jean!

For the baby bunny curious, here is a shot of a random kit and mother Kelly Bob.

And Kelly Bob. Yes, she has a lop ear.