Monday, November 08, 2010

Show Me!

Back from a three-day trip to my soon-to-be new home state of Missouri. Barring some catastrophe, Sweetie has a good job with good benefits waiting for him, as soon as he gives his two week notice at current crappy job with crappy benefits. I won't say who the new job is with until things are firm, but it is huge. The job is maintenance mechanic at a warehouse distribution plant. Fewer than 60 employees, with a culture of respect and good behavior. His soon-to-be new boss took us out to lunch Friday, and dinner on Saturday. His wife told me that he comes home happy every evening; or at least not angry. I would so like for that to be the future for Sweetie. And he will have actual days off! I have the name of the new boss's real estate agent as he just moved out there in April, as well as a local bank. 

I have put the for-sale-by-owner sign in the front yard, and posted the house to craigslist. Also, intend to post more photos, history, and details about the house here.

Sweetie will most likely stay in a nearby motel until a house can be had, and we may rent at first, so that we are not rushed to buy just any place. However, it is a buyer's dream right now, with low interest rates and lots of places to choose from.

Missouri will be different. More flat than here, but a bit more prosperous. They take great pride in their interstate system and their local roads. We spent a day and a half just driving the back roads. I see another blog in the offing. Also? Alcohol sales seem to be almost 24/7. Yay! 

Anyway. I am cleaning and sorting and throwing shit away and spending time at the computer doing research and blogging. Posting here may be even more erratic than normal, but rest assured, I will let you all know what happens.