Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Place in oven for 12 hours.

I forgot Millie. She is 11 this year. I think it was '05 when she was pulled out of a corn chute at a feed mill. (Hence, her name.) How she got in there, I'll never know, but I was there buying rabbit chow and it was her
lucky day. There is a birdfeeder just outside of this window, and so it is her favorite spot.

Tonight I was making yoghurt, don't-ya-know, and there was this fascinating pattern of burnt milk on the bottom of the pan.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Now streaming.

I was looking for a particular photo the other day and so ended up looking through my blog. Wow! I used to post a lot, didn't I, back in those days before Facebook? Not that I post much on Facebook but I do waste time there scrolling past the rants and cartoons and advertisements. I took a lot of pictures of my animals, too.

So, to partly make up for that lack, may I present:

Corky, next to the filthy couch that he often rubs up against.
I am so glad that he came into our lives.

This is Corky the day we got him 4 years ago.

Princess, who had 32 teeth removed last week and whose breath now is
sweet as flowers. She is still recovering.

Reeses', who is at least 12 now, I reckon, and going strong. Must be all the naps.

Snoopy, also getting older. He is 9 this year.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Number 9

Reading Jean's Knitting today and saw this link to a Franklin Habit post. It's funny and true.

Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Nerd culture brings everyone together.

I am a member of the St. Louis Weavers' Guild, mainly to partake of their felting group. So I went to my second meeting with said felters on Sunday afternoon.

I do not know why, but about 10 minutes in, a deep gloom descended upon me. I could have just sat there and cried and I was ready to pack up and come home, but I stayed. We were studying Moy MacKay, a Scottish felter, who creates landscapes, etc.

I am not a realist or a realistic artist. Ha ha! Get it? I prefer a more abstract approach. This is what I made.
8" X 17"

And I like it, but then I flipped it vertically and liked it even more. Looking at it this way, the horizontal looks better actually. So be it. I plan to stitch upon it to add a bit of detail and that will be interesting to do. 

And I have been knitting. This is a little shawl I made up with handspun. It's just a simple washcloth pattern, (slip one, yarn over) at the beginning of every row. Then I added (knit 2 tog, YO twice) which gave the edges a nice look. Wary of running out of yarn, I used short rows at each side to add more width. The bind off is (knit 2 tog, place stitch back on left needle, knit one and place stitch back on left needle, then do that one time.) Delightfully stretchy and I love how it conforms to the neck.

So that didn't take too long to knit, and I cast on immediately with Bamboo Bloom to make this cowl. 

I have cast on another cowl in bamboo, cotton, and linen but I put that aside in favor of socks.

I finished 3 Twiddle Muffs and took them to the dementia ward at the Wellsville nursing home. I had a warm reception - literally. The thermostat must have been set to 80ยบ. The TMs were well received as well.

Oh, one good thing! My sandals from Zappo's came yesterday and they are a beautiful dark pink/fuchsia clog! Next, I need a pedicure to tame these wound-giving stabby-bits at the end of my toes and to get color to match. 

Saturday, March 05, 2016

Let's Change the Future

I have been dreaming of opera costumes. I have had dreams of elevators, hotels, and airports. Last night, I dreamt I had to rescue bunnies, the last few of my Indiana bunnies, but I couldn’t help all six. 

My anxiety is back, even though I am outwardly coping well and doing fine.