Monday, July 02, 2012

Naturally Flavored

Yes, I have become an infrequent blogger. Oops.

Generally, my life is so boring that I don't even care to comment upon it. 

My usual day is - sleep until 10 or 11. Scan the inner tubes for interesting crap, and become depressed over the lack thereof.

Either go back to sleep or make coffee and become moderately active. Load the dishwasher, or do some laundry. Collect the beer cans into the blue bags for recycling. Help Sweetie get off to work, sometimes with lunch, other times with enough cash for Taco Bell. 

Check Yahoo and Facebook. Play Cube Buster to loosen up, then a few games of multiplayer 8 ball pool. Then some Word Tornado, multiplayer scrabble on FB.

Have another few drinks and repeat.

It is so hot and dry here. Had the first rain in 2 or 3 weeks today, a gully washer with some small hail. Delightful to stand at the front door and watch it all come down. Glad, again, that I am not a farmer.

Went to the Friendship Spinners' retreat in mid-June. This is the arch Abbey. We all stayed in the building to the right. It was wonderful to see all my friends! I even spun a little of an angora-wool blend. I haven't spun since the mohair of last summer, which became a shawl for my dear friend Leslie. I am knitting another Wingspan shawl from Ravelry; my third. Happy and mindless knitting!

Watching Netflix, and other things on the inter webs. The new Sherlock Holmes, with Benedict Cumberbatch, set in modern day England. Have finished X Files. Have begun watching Breaking Bad, which Sweetie and I like whole bunches, having viewed the first 4 episodes. 

Finally, had a fun Sunday at High Hill at Gypsy Gatherings. There was the annual parade, with some excitement about horses and broken arms and such. Then, a fellow showed up, having played Frogger to get across the Interstate. We were the only shop open in town, and his radiator was in bad shape, and he was lucky to have found us and Sweetie, who actually had a clue. So Rusty, Leslie, Sweetie and I drank beer and helped the cute thang out. It turned out to be a fun evening! Bars Leak and cell phones saved the day. 

So there it is. My exciting life. 

Could be worse.