Friday, February 13, 2009

US Gov't Aprvd. - link fixed

Barbara McNair. Beautiful video of The Best is Yet to come.

I've noticed this return to the images of the sixties. Kennedy era. The hair was good then. Short and clean. A little curl. (I mean, am I the only one that thinks "celebrity hair" from the last decade is just messy looking? Give the girl a comb or brush, for goodness sake!)) Although, let me say, as an aside, I loved Aretha's hat! Day late, dollar short. Heck darn!!! She was beautiful. Nuff sed.

Anyway. Damage from ice is different from damage from wind. Ice cakes on the branches which succumb from the weight. The branches resemble the spokes of an umbrella - some spokes are folded and some are not. There is random limb breakage. There are lots of trees down. First there was Ike, then came ice, and now this wind. It'll take a while to clean up.