Monday, October 05, 2009

Not For Ophthalmic Use.

Fabulous Monday!

As much as loved having Sweetie home after he was fired at the end of April? I love it, and him, more now that he is back working at a real live job. First shift? I don't care. I actually am a morning person, and I like going to bed early.

Already today, this morning, I have done more than in the past week. Also? I can drive and take pictures for my other blog.

I am so happy! Plus, we now get a weekly paycheck. Which is important, because we cannot count on his getting back unemployment compensation, no matter how good his case. It is the judge's call, and the hearing isn't until October 21st. Rat bastards.

I have updated my stuff to read sidebar, and I steal this from Bizzaro Blog, my new favorite read feed.

Here are a few of my followers. Thank you all.

And, this this sweet thing, too.