Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Act Now and Save

The last time my fortunes converged in such a way was 1991. Then, I left my first husband and then met Sweetie, I was hired to work on a TV show, and there were other good things.

This year, my life is good. Mostly healthy? Check. Being creative? Check. Teaching? Check. Learning interesting things? Check. Having my fiber art in not one, but two, galleries? Check.

And then I serendipitously found out about an old guy who teaches an intensive 3-day course on Sewing Machine Technician Training. And he lives in Missouri. And there was a course coming up the first week of September. And he had one opening left.

I sent my deposit check in on Monday.

So why am I so excited? Because I sew and I have kept machines in good repair for a long time and I occasionally repair them for others. If I learn more, I think it is something I can really do and do well, on a very part-time basis. It's not strenuous or hazardous and I can do it sitting down.

The class is not cheap, but this is disappearing knowledge and worth learning. Repair technicians are hard to find anymore. This guy has been repairing machines for 30+ years and teaching for 15. And he is only 150 miles away!

Let's face it - I can't do sales of my work or anyone else's. I like to make things, but I make what I like and I don't pander. Sometimes my work sells in spite of myself. I don't like to sell. I am not a salesman. But repair work like this? I think I could actually do it and make a little bit of money, too. Did you know that repairmen in Columbia or St. Louis ask for something like $75 just to look at your machine? I'm not saying I would or could charge anywhere near that. I am saying that I have an aptitude and a willingness for sewing machine maintenance and repair.

Who knew?

Also, as if all this wonderfulness weren't enough, I have found my favorite care-giver who moved away a couple of years ago. I've thought about her frequently, so after that little spell I had last week, I thought I would look her up. Get this - she moved back to my area just a month ago to work and I was able to see her yesterday. It was so good; she even hugged me and then spent time talking to me and catching up on my personal and medical history. I like her and I like her style and attitude and the fact that she really does care. I am happy.

So, the vampires took some blood and the numbers are all good. There is no overt cause for what happened, except maybe just an unfortunate convergence of events. Combine low blood sugar with low blood pressure with some atrial flutter with some allergens with maybe a little heat. I've been mostly fine since, save for Saturday when I felt just plain tired about midday. I had to come home from the Art Center and I slept all afternoon. So. It's just one of those things.

That's why I can't work at a so-called regular job anymore. In addition to allergies, I now have atrial flutter along with atrial fibrillation. (I can see me having to get a pace maker within 10 years.) These things make me tired sometimes, too tired to remain upright. I look fine, but I ain't. And I have neuropathy in my feet. Caregiver thinks I have lost about half the feeling in my feet, but in spite of how that sounds, they still hurt all the time. Sometimes more than others. Summer is hard for my feet, for some reason. So, yeah I'm happy that it is forecast to drop to the low 50s tonight. The AC is turned off and some windows have been opened and I can wear something besides sandals.